After the war of 1870, ragpickers, who scoured the city in search of old objects to resell, settled in Saint-Ouen, near the Porte de Clignancourt. In 1885 the city of Saint-Ouen asked the merchants to pay a parking fee to exercise their activity. This is the official birth of the flea market.

Today 4th tourist site of France, the flea market of Saint-Ouen is the biggest market of antiquities of the world.

Its atypical atmosphere and its heterogeneous objects attract each year 5 million visitors tourists, celebrities, art lovers ... You will find merchandise from all countries and all times entirely dedicated to design and fashion. The fleas extend over 7 hectares and consist of 14 markets, many of whose paths are full of surprises.

I invite you to take everything that follows as a wish list.

The Parisian Brick Lane Market, London

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