Fifteenth edition of the festival Calvi on the Rocks, new adventure in the heart of Calvi with so many fun evenings, good friends and lots of music each year ... This is my sixth year in Calvi for the festival Calvi on the Rocks. We stay in the heart of the citadel, lulled by hearty meals, creative workshops and live to the rhythm of the waves until the early morning.

Perhaps the most beneficial year, with the discovery (finally) of Mar A Beach, in the bay of Revellata which hosts Villa Schweppes. A magical atmosphere, for an exceptional place, preceding the step on the live at the Theatre de Verdure to conclude Chez Tao, and admire the sun rise on the bay.

Il Leone & Il Maestro necklaces Alighieri 

Grand chapeau Santon hat  Jacquemus

Genevieve Cornflower seersucker bikini  Lisa Marie Fernandez

Vinyl Road Tour bandana  Hotel Panama

Acqua di Rosumarinu Intimu x Calarena

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